Communication Towers - International

Over 7000 Towers In Service Worldwide

NELLO is well positioned to meet the growing demand for towers throughout the world. With over 6000 towers in service worldwide and building on our extensive experience in exporting structures, NELLO is able to provide quality, affordable tower structures to you regardless of your location on the globe. Our staff is always available to answer questions and to help navigate the nuances of importing/exporting towers. We offer bi-lingual staff and have representation in Africa and Latin America available to overcome language barriers

Purchasing towers from NELLO offers the following advantages:

  • Each NELLO tower is designed by our in-house professional engineering team to ensure your tower meets antenna loading and site condition code requirements
  • NELLO designs your structures to meet current EIA/TIA-222 codes
  • Foundation integration to solve for most efficient tower/foundation design combination
  • Detailed engineering package with each structure showing member size and steel grade
  • Our engineering package is easily reviewable by reputable 3rd party engineering firms to determine structural integrity and co-location capacity/adding tenants
  • Voting member of the Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA)

  • All NELLO towers are fabricated and built in the United States
  • NELLO employs only certified welders to weld our tower members
  • Each NELLO tower is hot-dip galvanized per ASTM 123 standards
  • Quality standards utilizing corrective action requests (CAR’s) and 5P methodology
  • Mill certifications required with each truckload of steel to ensure material meets or exceeds minimum ASTM KSI yield strengths
  • Large manufacturing capacity to meet quick lead times and large volume orders
Our goal at NELLO is superior product design, quality, customer service and safety. As you can see from our map, we have a global customer base with towers in service throughout the world. Contact us today for your next tower project.