Transmission Poles

NELLO now manufactures tapered steel transmission poles for the utility industry. Drawing on years of experience building poles for the wireless market, NELLO recently entered the utility pole market.  Our goal is to leverage our in-house professional engineering design team and high quality manufacturing abilities to bring quality, cost effective utility structures to the market.  The engineering team at NELLO uses PLS Pole to design and optimize our utility structures to ensure you get a cost effective and reliable pole.  In addition, we provide detailed engineering documents for each project in hard or soft copy.  Traditionally, most of our transmission poles are finished with hot dip galvanizing, but we also offer paint and weathering steel finishes.  Whether you need single or multi-pole structures, NELLO has the solution for you. 

Some Nello advantages:

*** In addition to poles, NELLO can also manufacture angle leg lattice structures on our 2 high volume angle processing lines. 

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Tapered Tubular Transmission PolesTransmission Poles