Monopalms are a monopole concealed as a palm tree.  These structures are popular in tropical and desert climates in the United States, as well as in comparable climates around the world.  NELLO monopalms are skillfully designed to blend into the surrounding landscape.  Wireless carriers have increasing turned to monopalms or other concealment towers in urban areas because securing zoning approvals has become more difficult.  Many municipalities are more receptive to concealment towers, due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance.  In addition, a monopalm solution requires a small real estate parcel and can be erected in as little as one day.  Other monopalm features are as follows:
All NELLO towers are custom engineered by our in-house professional engineering team to ensure local code compliance and structural integrity.  For more information on NELLO monopalm solutions, or any of our other concealment products, please contact us.

8 foot pineapple monopalmDisguised Monopalm