Self Supporting Towers

Self-supporting towers, sometimes referred to as “free standing antenna towers” or “wireless communication towers” are the most popular and versatile type of structure used today in the wireless industry.  At NELLO, we specialize in self-supporting towers with the following features:
Our in-house professional engineering team uses a proprietary design program that iterates through dozens of configurations to find the most cost-effective tower combined with the most efficient foundation design possible for each project.  By utilizing this iterative design analysis, NELLO is able to save our customers and their erection contractors both time and money.

Each NELLO self-supporting tower is specifically designed for the intended site location and surrounding terrain per the EIA/TIA-222 code and is tailored to meet the customer requested loading scenario.  By providing specific detail on the design, including member size and steel grade, future changes to dish and/or antenna loading can be easily analyzed by one of our in-house engineers or any reputable 3rd party engineering firm to determine code and capacity compliance. 

By purchasing a NELLO tower, our customer’s can be assured they are receiving a reputable structure with a long service life.  To learn more about NELLO self-supporting towers or to request a quote, contact NELLO.

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