Power Transmission Poles

NELLO, a leader in the manufacturing of tapered monopoles and lattice towers in the wireless industry, now offers a full line of tapered steel poles for the utility industry. We manufacture tapered steel wood pole equivalents, light duty poles, dead-end structures, large davit arm poles, A-frames, H-frames, and static masts in our South Bend, Indiana pole plant. Whatever your utility structure needs, NELLO can deliver.

Our in-house professional engineering team has decades of experience in designing towers. We utilize the latest software packages including PLS Pole and AutoCad to design and optimize our poles. A complete engineering package will be furnished for each customer and NELLO will provide detailed foundation designs upon request. 

Other NELLO utility pole advantages:
  • Centrally located plant in South Bend, Indiana
  • Large production capacity
  • Over 6000 towers and poles in service worldwide
  • In-house design team
  • Rigorous quality management system
From concept proposal to delivery, our team here at NELLO is committed to being your partner through the entire project. To learn more about NELLO’s innovative pole solutions, contact us.
Power Transmission Poles
Power Transmission Poles Power Transmission Poles