Wind Energy - NELLO

Wind is revolutionizing energy generation around the globe.  As the world’s fossil fuel resources deplete and become more difficult to recover coupled with the potential devastating effects of global warming – more energy companies are turning to wind as an alternative.  And with wind power becoming one of the fastest growing energy resources in the world, NELLO is well positioned to capitalize on the infrastructure needs of the wind industry.  At NELLO Corporation, we support the industry with:
  • Guyed MET assessment towers for initial wind project assessment
  • Permanent self-support and guyed MET towers for ongoing wind measurement on the farm
In addition, our tapered pole plant in South Bend, Indiana produces steel pole utility structures to carry power from the wind farms to the electrical grid.  As the U.S. continues to develop our wind energy resources over the coming decades, NELLO will be there from the beginning assessment stages to finally connecting the wind farm to the electrical grid.

Here at NELLO, we are committed to alternative energy - contact us today to see how we can support your wind energy project.
Wind Energy