Monopole Towers

Monopole Tower

Monopole Tower
Monopoles are one of the least intrusive and easiest communication towers to erect.  This fact has led to them quickly becoming one of the most popular structures in the wireless communication industry.  As consumer demand for data on wireless devices continues to skyrocket, wireless carriers are faced with severe capacity issues on their networks.  While new technology and better wireless antennas can help, the best solution is to add additional towers.  However, adding towers in urban areas has become difficult in recent years as more stringent zoning laws and lack of available land make the process longer and more expensive.  Due to monopoles and concealed monopoles (pine poles, flag poles, palm poles, etc…) requiring smaller footprints and being more aesthetically pleasing, wireless carriers have increasingly turned to these structures to deploy in populated areas. 

Monopole advantages:
  • Small tower footprint and foundation
  • Fast and easy to erect
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Versatile for different loading applications
With tapered monopoles becoming more popular in the wireless industry, NELLO invested in a plant that is capable of producing thousands of poles a year.  Some NELLO monopole advantages are listed below:

NELLO advantages:
  • EIA/TIA-222 Revision F or G compliant
  • 65ksi steel construction
  • Tapered slip-sleeve construction
  • Hot-dip galvanized per ASTM 123 standards
  • Heights up to 250’
  • Maximum pole section length of 53’
  • Detailed supporting engineering documentation
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Monopole Base Monopole detail