Unipole Antennas

Belle River UnipoleUnipoles, also referred to as “slick sticks”, are constructed similar to flagpoles, but without the flag. Flagpoles and unipoles have quickly become some of the most popular concealment options for wireless carriers.  With capacity to accommodate 5 carriers and aesthetically pleasing designs, unipoles are great alternatives to traditional lattice towers and monopoles.  Available in heights up to 150 feet and more cost effective than concealment trees, unipoles are one of the most affordable and versatile structures for customers who need a product to blend into the surrounding landscape.  NELLO unipoles have undergone rigorous testing to ensure there is no signal interference from the protective fiberglass shrouds.  In addition, NELLO has a unique attachment design for the protective shrouds where they are inset on the structure, making them much less likely to dislodge in high winds. 

Other unipole advantages:
  • Up to 5 carrier capacity
  • Wide variety of paint color options
  • Designed to latest EIA/TIA-222 standards (currently Revision F or G)
  • Galvanized per ASTM 123 standards
  • Typical heights range from 50’ to 150’, although taller heights are available
Each NELLO unipole is custom designed by our in-house professional engineering team to ensure code compliance and structural integrity.  For more information on NELLO unipoles, or any of our other concealment products, contact us.