Nello Corporation Careers

Quality Control Inspector - 2nd Shift
Job Summary: The Quality Control Inspector will perform quality inspections on poles, tower components, and other production parts in accordance with customer specifications, Nello specifications and nationally recognized standards.

Qualifications: Ability to measure product using tape measure or calipers as well as use weld inspection gages. Ability to operate ultrasonic flaw detector. Ability to read and understand part drawings as well as supplier submitted documents such as certificates of compliance. Familiarity with PCs and IPADs. Product knowledge is preferred: Understand basic tower design and components. Identify acceptable welds

Education and Experience: High School education or GED required. Associates degree preferred. Two (2) years of experience in welding or inspection in a manufacturing facility required. ASNT Level II qualification in Ultrasonic Testing (SNT.TC.1A) experience required. American Welding Society Certified Weld Inspector in good standing would be greatly beneficial.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Inspect layout and weld quality on production parts and assemblies. Perform visual weld inspections, ultrasonic shearwave inspection, and dimensional inspections and then interpret, evaluate, and record the results of these inspections. Discuss inspection results with those responsible for products, and recommend necessary corrective actions. Notify supervisors and other personnel of production problems, and assist in identifying and correcting these problems. Mark items with details such as grade or acceptance-rejection status. Knowledgeable in welding fabrication processes. Read and interpret production drawings, specifications, and codes. Appropriately maintain and use inspection equipment. Self-starter with ability to work with minimal supervision. Acceptable prior performance, safety, and attendance record.


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